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Ho Chi Minh City Attractions

Hồ Ch� Minh City is one of the historic capitals of the world, and not surprisingly has therefore many interesting attractions to view.  Many of the most important attractions are nearby to Ben Thanh Market but others are spread out around the city.  As the site has very good public transport it is easy to reach any of these attractions within a short time.

Notre-Dame Cathedral - Resembling in name, but only superficially in appearance, that cathedral in Paris this historic building was completed in 1880 and is still open today. Originally built entirely using materials imported from France, and tiles still can be seen with French manufacturers names on them, it has since been maintained and repaired using Vietnamese skills.  It is open to the public only when there are services happening.  Very popular with local residents as a location for a wedding due to the grand architecture and grounds.

Chinatown - Originally a separate city the Cholon, or Saigon Chinatown, is located in District 5 in the western part of the city. Founded by Chinese migrants in the 19th century it maintains strong ties with China and Chinese culture. Binh Tay Market is one of the other markets of Ho Chi Minh City and is a major center point for Chinatown. Visit also the Ch�a Quan �m or Pagoda which is a beautiful Chinese Buddhist place of worship with ornate gardens and buildings in the traditional style.

Suối Ti�n Amusement Park - Located 30 minutes drive through the north west of the city this modern Amusement Park combines Vietnamese traditions and motifs with modern fun rides. An artificial beach and water park area are major attractions.

Củ Chi Tunnels - Located 1 and a half hours drive north of the market in the northern outskirts of the city these important cultural relics from the American War.  Preserved and maintained as a memorial to those who lived, fought and died within the tunnels.


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