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Ben Thanh Market is the market of the district of Bến Th�nh, is located centrally in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City, right next to the main Bus Station and within walking distance of many important tourist sites.   Together with the neighboring Bến Ngh� area these form the very oldest part of the city.  As you can see from the historic map below the city was one of the original planned cities of Asia, and a detailed map was made which would have been both practical and aesthetic.

Although all traces of the 1795 city layout, the citadel, is not visible today it is possible by tracing the shape of the river to see where today's market building lies, just outside the original fortified city.

The market building today is located near the mark "O" or "La Nonnoye" on this historic map.


See the location on the modern Google Maps here:

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